In winter snow and ice can cause a lot of problems on garage’s ramps, gutters and drainpipes, walkways, promenades and stairs; they can be reason of pipes explosion, they can hide the dish antennas or cover the photovoltaic panels.

These problems can be solved with our electric heaters and related accessories

  • Heating mats for ramps,which prevent snow and ice sediment on ramps, well known in property renovation sector.
  • Scioglipar, heating foils against ice and snow on dish antennas.
  • Scioglipann,heating foils for defrosting snow and ice on photovoltaic panels.
  • Self-regulating heating cables, for roofs, gutters and drainpipes.
  • Defrosting liquid, for ice and snow on ramps and promenades . It is similar to salt action, but it is not corrosive.
  • “No-Ice” heating circuits, in order to avoid the pipes freezing.

If you need further information concerning the defrosting products of ELMITI

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