Due to the excessive wind the plant produces more energy than expected. This could also bring to a reduction of subsidies distributed from GSE.

In order to avoid the stop due to overproduction it could be necessary to use our batteries. They absorb the extra electricity, according to the power they have been built for. The possibility to avoid the wind plant interruption helps reducing many structural issues.
Sometimes it is instead necessary the stop the plant because of maintenance or bad weather.

Dissipation and/or braking batteries ELMITI srl are custom-made designed and produced, according to the wind plant power on which they will be assembled.

Wind plants have a low restart cost. This is the reason why if more energy is produced than the one that the network can hold, from the point of view of the electrical system it is more energy-efficient to stop the blades. Conversely from solar systems, where it is worth wile accumulating excess energy with batteries.

In both cases our dissipation and braking batteries are essential for the management of the wind plant.

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