Dairy products, that means milk and all its derivatives like butter, ice cream, yoghurt and condensed milk, are generally manufactured in cheese factories and they are considered energy efficient food.

The more common dairy products are cheese, ricotta, cream, butter and yoghurt.
All milk derivatives, as well as milk itself, need to be heated to be consumed and/or transformed. One of the most important operation is the pasteurization. Pasteurization process concerns the milk heating, at a specific temperature and for a specific period of time, and the following cooling. Pasteurization destroys completely all pathogenic germs, maintaining unvaried the nutritional value of milk.

For all heating processes are used electric heaters and a lot of companies in this sector use ELMITIā€™s electric heaters.

Really important are: thermoregulation, respect of hygienic and sanitary rules related to the heaters components, the choice and the planning of the most suitable electric heater.
Our experience and the quality of our products make us a reliable supplier in this sector.

For further information concerning components and electric heaters for the dairy sector

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