he honey production is a complex procedure which begins in February, when the bees begins their activities during the sunny days. At the end of the flowering there is the first honey extraction. This happens when the bees have extracted the honey from the apiary.

The first operation is to distance the bees from the apiaries. The apiaries, which contains the honeycombs, are then transported in the labs, where the flowering is necessary by the next 24 hours. It is about the uncapping of the honeycombs. The bees close the honey cells with a wax operculum and it is necessary to leave the opercula in order to extract the honey from the combs.
Once that the honeycombs are free of the opercula, there is the inserting of the frames in the honey extractor, which is a stainless steel centrifuge. The centrifuge force extracts the honey from the combs. The honey will trickle from the tap under the honey extractor.

ELMITI srl offers two models of honey heaters according to the size of the steel containers. They are studied for working lightly in order to not damage the product.

The honey will be settled in one of the stainless steel containers for 15/30 days according to its density. During this laps of time the wax will float separating itself from the honey. Then the honey will be inserted in a small jar.
Our electric heaters for honey are usually used during this operation. They are useful to render the honey fluid permitting the placing of the honey in containers.

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