Oenology is the science which studies the transformation of grapes in wine, the grapes necessary for its production but also the production process itself, so the related techniques (for instance: filtration, pressure, malolactic, alcoholic fermentation etc.)

It is necessary to maintain a specific temperature during the transformation of the must into wine ( alcoholic fermentation, chemical process in which the yeast action causes the transformation of glucides in alcohol and carbon dioxide); the racking (separation of wine from the marc); the possible reduction of acidity; malolactic fermentation (chemical process in which some particular conditions transform the malic acid in lactic acid, allowing to obtain a better wine with a less acid and more harmonious taste); during the wine transfer into containers for the possible refinement and ageing or directly for the consumption .

ELMITI srl has studied and tested electric heaters for wine, useful to solve the temperature problem.

In order to help the wine fermentation in the cellar, when must and environment temperature are too low, you can use the ELMITI ELECTRIC HEATERS FOR WINE.

We have different standard models, according to the tank size. From steel to wood, from big barrel to barrique: every need is satisfied. In big barrels or tanks the electric heater has to be submerged and turned on by the cable connection. In case of barrique or small barrels the heater has a particular thermostat which controls the temperature without submerging the heating element.

What makes the Elmiti heater for wine innovative, is the efficiency in solving problems concerning the low temperatures during the fermentation and maturation processes, together with the use of materials which are absolutely harmless for the final product, the wine. Raw materials are all certificated for the food sector. Then the risk of fragility of glass lamps , which are usually used during the wine heating process, has been definitively removed.

In addition to these heaters for wine, we have a lot of other items which can be used in wine cellars; for instance electric heaters for bottles drying, after washing and sterilisation processes; for keeping hot labels glue; heaters for automatic and manual capsuling machines; heaters for the packaging process, etc.

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