Electric heating batteries

Beyond the big range of finned heaters, we can offer them already installed on the frame, prepared for the placement in a system.

Electric heating batteries are projected to satisfy all the needs in different industrial processes. They are suitable for creating air or gas flows with controlled temperature.

They can be inserted in ventilation channels , pipes, ovens or autoclaves and they are directly crossed through air or process gases.

Usually the elements are subjected to a finning process, in order to have a better thermal exchange, but in some cases the elements are leaved smooth , when there are some hanging particles in the flow.

All batteries can be supplied with a temperature control thermostat  and also with a cold head.

In order to scale the heating batteries it is necessary to specify the following details:

  • Gas to heat
  • M3/h flow rate
  • Desired thermal increase
  • Available electricity supply tension
  • Electricity supply stages number
  • Security types (thermostat, thermocouple, … )
  • Channel section
  • Protection rate of the electrical connection
  • Frame material
  • Heaters material

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