Defrosting Liquid for snow and ice – 5 lt tank



We suggest to use the product as preventative measure to avoid ice formation. For a maintenance treatment the dose of the product varies according to the ice quantity and to the snow intensity. It is applied through a simple irrigator for garden. It can be used on all floorings types as tarmac, granite, marble, bricks, tiles, wood, concretes. The product does not damage metals as steel, aluminium, copper, brass.
We advise to use 30gr/m2 of product. The dose can change according to the surface and to the weather.

TRANSPORT and PACKING not dangerous goods according to the transport rules: no particular limitation ADR IMDG, IATA, RIO. Package of 2 and 5 litres barrels or 1000 litres tanks. Other sizes upon request.
GENERAL INFORMATION: it is a chemical preparation which does not contain glycol. Organic addittives are biodegradable. According to the legislative decree 65/2003 it can be considered irritating for the eyes (R36).

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