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Full immersion wine heaters

ELMITI’s full immersion wine heaters are made of an electro-polished tube ø 10mm AISI 321. They have a watertight head with ø 60mm and they are all provided with a power cable 5 m long with a PVC protection sheath. Furthermore they are supplied of two hanging rings to simplify the insertion in the tank. They can have different powers and lengths according to the tank size.

9000W 400V/3Ph Length. mm 1750
9000W 400V/3Ph Length mm 900
7500W 400V/3Ph Length mm 1450
6000W 400V/3Ph Length mm 1150
4500W 400V/3Ph Length mm 900
3000W 400V/3Ph Length mm 600
2000W 400V/3Ph Length mm 400

After years of study and tests our heaters for wine are really useful for helping the wine fermentation.

Many oenologists, farms and wineries have already tested them, obtaining great results.

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