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When the temperature drops below 0°C, water, water solutions and a lot of other liquids contained in pipes or tanks, can freeze, causing serious consequences for the water systems.

Water contained in a ¾’’pipe (DN20) insulated with 20mm of suitable insulation, freeze in 12 hours when the external temperature is of -10°C.

It is therefore essential  that the temperature of the pipe is higher than 0°C; a solution can be the use of NO ICE heating circuits, in case of a simple cold water pipe and the use of self-regulating heating cables, in case of big plants with more pipes, pumps, valves, tanks etc.

NO ICE is the best solution in order to avoid water freezing in a single pipe.

The circuit is completely  manufactured in EUROPE with materials which follow all the European rules.

The circuit is ready for use and complete of  control thermostat, cable and plug.

Attention: the heating cable cannot be cut.

The choice of the circuit is really simple.

  • In case of pipes with diameter until DN40 the cable has to be spread out along the pipes and the heating circuit will be as much long as the pipe itself.
  • In case of pipes bigger than DN40 and until DN80 the cable has to be installed with a spiral shape and the circuit has to be one-and-one-half longer than the pipe length.

It can be installed both on metal  and on plastic pipes with normal adhesive tape; in case of plastic material pipes the heating cable has to be placed between two aluminium adhesive tapes coats. Once that the installation has been completed, as in the pictures, it can be insulated with about 20mm of armaflex, polyurethane, stone wool or other insulations and the cable has to be connected to a power box with a suitable protection level.

The built-in thermostat is already calibrated for controlling the switching on at 3°C and the switching off at 10°C  and the connection between the heating cable and the power cable is made inside the thermostat removing the swelling caused from the use of shrink materials for the connections insulations.


CI1001 ICE-01 16 W 1 m
CI1002 ICE-02 32 W 2 m
CI1003 ICE-04 64 W 4 m
CI1004 ICE-08 128 W 8 m
CI1005 ICE-12 172 W 12 m
CI1006 ICE-14 204 W 14 m
CI1007 ICE-18 268 W 18 m
CI1008 ICE-24 364 W 24 m
CI1009 ICE-36 536 W 36 m
CI1010 ICE-48 708 W 48 m
CI1011 ICE-61 896 W 61 m


The circuits are highly competitive if compared with similar products of European origin.

Installation instructions

It is necessary to pay attention that the heating part does not overlap.

The series of operations is shown in the following images.

Put the thermostat with the thermal protection into direct contact with the pipes and fix the thermostat with simple adhesive tape or plastic clamps.

Fix the heating cable on the pipes with adhesive tape every 25-35 cm.

The heating cable will be spread out :

  1. Linearly along the pipe for pipes until DN40
  2. Spiralled for pipes with diameter bigger than DN40 and until DN80

The terminal part of the heating circuit has to be fixed on the pipes with adhesive tape.

Once that the installation of the heating circuit  is ready ,it is recommended to make the following tests and to provide a certification:

  • Size of the absorption and of the supplied power (it is allowed a tolerance of +/- 10% in comparison to the theoretical one)
  • Size of the insulating resistance that has to be higher than 500 Mohm with Megger from 500V c.c.

After the good result of the tests, the insulation can be installed (armaflex, stone wool, polyurethane, etc.)

In the end connect the heating circuit to the power supply.

Note: the heating circuit HAS ALWAYS to be protected with a thermomagnetic  switch suitable to the power of the circuit and sensitivity of 30mA.

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